If you received one of the three variations of these letters that relate to virtual currency, all three versions are putting you on notice that you need to correct your tax and filing obligations due to omission of income.

Others may have received a CP2000 or CP2501 notice with a “proposed” assessment; this is because the IRS received a 1099-K about your crypto trading and have recalculated your income tax return. Yes, the assessments are outrageous for more reasons than one, but suffice it to say that IRS does not have your basis/cost so they are essentially taxing the full amount of your gross trades, so don’t panic! Your overall liability may likely be lower that the proposed amount on the notice or possibly result in a loss after you complete your amendment.

Round two of the IRS CP notices are out!!

What should you do if you did not report crypto on your tax return?

If you did not report the crypto trades on your tax return and you received one of these letters, you will need to amend your income tax returns and respond to the IRS notice.

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